Disco Factory FM

Dion Vugts (Mr.D)

I am playing as resident DJ for Soulmates Maastricht. Playing and mixing soul, funk and disco from the late seventies and early eighties. Soulmates Maastricht is celebrating there 12,5 year existents and this shows the success and the popularity of the party’s over the years. It started out as a reunion party for people who visited the old and famous clubs in Maastricht Djinn and Ohio. Just like the Galaxy classic party did in The Den Bosch area. My love for the classic disco tracks I developed listening to the Soul Show and visiting epic and legendary disco Galaxy Den Bosch I am mixing the classics for Disco Factory FM. Inspired by the old masters who created the bootleg mixes in the eighties. Disconet year mix of 1981 and the big Aplle mix vol1 1982 are epic and influential for that time. Although i have a big passion for the classics i have been involved in the trance seen of the late nighties. Listening to great masters as Paul Oakenfold playing legendary sets for Cream as resident DJ. I have been composing lounge, ambient cd’s in a format i highly believe in. There is a lot of lounge and chill music out there but it is just produced and not composed from the hart.
To put the right songs together is not done by so many people. Jose Padilla and Ramon Castells are Unique! To put ambient, lounge, singer songwriter, seventies folk songs and vocal acoustic trance songs togheter so they make their own story is what i am trying to do. Favo classic tracks are: France Joli – gonna get over you Third world – now that we found love Chewy Rub’s Dub Edit Billy Ocean – Nights feel like getting down. (Re-edit 7.08) Geraldine hunt – can’t fake the feeling.

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