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John Lommers

At twelve, John Lommers (Also known as Bad Motherfunker)  played his first party and fell in love with the DJ profession. Build a complete drive-in show and played at almost every teen party  in the early eighties. Began at fifteen (yes yes 1981) in Super Disco Galaxy as a light jockey. As a light jockey, he was responsible for light, smoke and laser effects in the disco… Everything except the music 🙁 In 1983, John switched from light- to discjockey and became part off to the legendary Galaxy team of residential DJ’s. John has played here until mid-year nineties. Always at least 130 decibels and 120 Beats per Minute.

He played in iconic clubs like Galaxy (‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands), Broadway (Erp, The Netherlands), Toys (Uden, The Netherlands), Rodenburg (Beesd, The Netherlands). In the mid nineties John widened his field and went touring throughout the Netherlands with Veronica drive-in show, Tros Popformule and Philips Moving Sound Shows. Also has a large radio heart and spent years working for various radio stations at home and abroad. In Amsterdam he had his regular program Extra 108 (Radio Decibel) and he was in Belgium at Fantasy FM radio show “Funky”. In this weekly radio show he played Galaxy classics and various mixes of known and unknown talent.


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