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Michael Halve

In the beginning of the eighties deejay Michael (1966) was infected by the disco virus. All his pocket money went directly to record stores. Inspired by the delights of the two Dutch mix heroes Ben Liebrand and Peter Slaghuis, he taught himself to mix. At a radio station in Delft called “Eldorado” he had his first mix program and at discoteque “Soos Dinguss”, in Delft as well, he was the saturday night resident DJ for years.
More and more deejay Michael specialized in the genre Italo Disco. He ended up in a circle of very fanatical collectors and met Italo artists increasingly.

cover_Gek_van_ItaloA few years ago he decided to write down his stories and experiences from the Italo World, which resulted in the book “Gek van Italo” (Mad about Italo). By pressure from fans outside the Netherlands, he is currently working on an English translation of which he hopes will be ready in 2017.

By the name of Mezzamix deejay Michael makes disco mixes for Disco Factory’s “And The Beat Goes On”. He is also the main supplier for the Wednesday program “Feel The Italo Drive.

Deejay Michael is initiator of the Twitter accounts @Discofacts and @Italoweetje. You can listen to his Mezzamixes at https://www.mixcloud.com/MezzaMix/.




Michael’s all time favorite tracks:

Believe in yourself (Remix) – The Creatures (1983)

Hypnotic tango – My Mine (1983)

Woman and car – Steve Doesn’t Drive (1984)

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