Disco Factory FM

Peter Schouten

From 1977 till now I have been working as a club DJ. Starting in Den Bosch at Cosmopoliet i worked my way through various clubs and residencies. Amongst others, highlights were Lunenburg, La Cortical, Jayselings Royal Palace, Rockefeller, Time Out My most recent highlight ? Being asked to join the Disco Factory DJ’s in their love of funky music . . .

The love of music has been my driving force from early youth up till now . . DJ’s who influenced my musical tastes and style were Ferry Maat, David Mancuso and Larry Levan. Musical styles I played were Soul, Disco, Funk, Hardrock and even classical music (for bridal fashion)

Mixing was not my prime goal in being a DJ and I only learned to do it in the 80’s, of course using SL1200’s. Nowadays everything is digital, Traktor Pro for live gigs and Cocos Reaper as a DAW for mixes for radio.

Some of my stuff can be found on: https://soundcloud.com/dj-pir
When I have the time I make short mixes you can hear on DF radio.

To list my favorite tracks would take up at least 3 pages, but check the ones below..

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