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Robbie Koster

Robbie Koster, born in 1967.

I was introduced to Disco Classics in the early 80’s through radio programs such as the Soul Show and import music I heard in The Galaxy, a club in Den Bosch (The Netherlands). Mixing records was still rare and I was inspired by year-mixes made by Ben Liebrand and programs such as “de Bond van Doorstarters” and “And the beat goes on”. I started mixing at home on vinyl, two turntables without pitch control, a mixer and a tape deck. And in this way I created a lot of mixes at that time. After years of absence, I restarted making mixes in various styles a few years ago. No longer the old fashioned way, but variously sometimes digitally with MixMeister or with MP3s & a DJ Controller Set. Especially for this program I started making mixes for Galaxy Classics Radio and now Discofactory FM. Weekly a 15 minutes mix in a mashup or theme. And weekly mix for the program “And the beat goes on”, where plates are completely mixed together.
Too old for a professional start? Thats for sure.
But I will continue mixing until I die.
Check my Facebook page  and stay informed of new mixes.
Or go to my Mixcloudpagina “https://www.mixcloud.com/robbiekoster/” or “https://www.mixcloud.com/discofactoryradio/
Enjoy my mixes and keep the vibe alive!
Robbie K.

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