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Sef Gruijters

Born in 1962 in Amsterdam he was 15 years of age when star wars and Saturday night fever came out. He immediatly knew what he wanted to become, a light jock. The many lights in Saturday night fever and the dance movies that came after that made his eyes pop and eyebrows go up. Not like his other 3 colleagues of Disco Factory FM he wanted to become a Dj, but he wanted to entertain the crowd with visual effects / laser / strobes and other effects.

Some 30 (?) years ago he met John Lommers when he was working as a lightjockey in Broadway in Erp, for that time one of the leading (along with the Galaxy of course) disco’s in the Netherlands.
Tv formats like “Countdown” and “Nederland muziekland” were filmed there. Later they played together in the Galaxy as well, John mixed the music while Sef made the crowed go mad with the effects and for that time very special laser equipment. Later on John and Sef got back together in Toys in Uden, a disco that was known for the soul, R&B and hiphop music that was played there.

Sef also played the lights at “Display” in Babberich near the German border and “Axis” in Gemert. The main reason for Sef to do the lightshows by hand is that he is convinced that a human is better for playing the buttons than a computer, can interact quicker and does not need a reboot at some time.

In 2010 Sef heared of the initiative of the “Galaxy Classics Party” and asked if he could do the lights, that was the time he teamed up with Robbie Koster and René Vercruijssen. Although “lights” were Sef’s first love he was also mixing for many years and with the birth of Disco Factory FM he was asked to be along with Robbie Koster one of the “Master mixers”.

Now he delivers a weekly 15 minute mix and monthly a one hour mix for the “As the beat goes on” program.

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